Month: September 2008

  • Zipzangboom and Summer is gone!

    Wow, where has this summer gone?

    I have been meaning to post for weeks now but every time I make the time to do it something interrupts or I draw a complete blank as to what I should write about.

    First the news: I had a very small garden this summer. And I didn’t kill it. At least not right away. There are still a handful of tomato’s valiantly producing in spite of some pesky ground dwelling critters determination to eat their roots. I now have a flat full of seedlings that are going to soon need homes in the ground and they will hopefully become my fall garden. Learning to garden is quite the joy to me especially when I calculate how much money I am saving growing my very own organic veggies vs. purchasing them.

    Noelle has become quite the industrious/destructive toddler depending on how much guidance and direction she is being given. Her ability to understand multi step instructions and follow through on jobs like picking up all the dirty clothes off the floor, or unload the dryer into the basket for Mommy and a myriad of other tasks through the day amazes me. Her vocabulary continues to grow and occasionally she surprises me with a complete and understandable phrase.

    I feel as though I have officially become one of those hippy earth Mama’s you see walking around in the health food stores. All I need now is the tie dyed T-shirt, swishy skirt and dreadlocks…Haha, just kidding. Haven’t gone THAT far over the deep end yet! This metamorphosis was made complete with the purchase of several pairs of Baby Legs for Noelle to wear this winter. Since I am cloth diapering many of the pants/blue jeans are not cut full enough to accommodate them so her winter wardrobe is going to mostly consist of long sleeved onesies with the adorable leggings below. They will also go really well with some of her cute dresses to keep her legs warm in cold weather. She is thankfully quite the hot natured little chica so I think the one layer of leggings is going to keep her quite toasty. Besides they look so cute sticking out of the Ergo! Nothing makes me feel crunchier than when I am carrying our cloth diapered daughter strapped to my back in the Ergo, in the kitchen while making bread from freshly ground wheat. Boy, have I come a LONG way!

    Steve and I continue to stay incredibly busy. A new business venture this summer has taken up what little bit of spare time we thought we had before. We have a new catalog scheduled to come out in October for Beeyoutiful which means I need to get seriously busy and start organizing all the misc. components that need to be put together for the designer to work on. We also have several new products in the pipeline which is always fun but slightly stressful trying to make sure they are on board before their promised due dates in the catalog. Most days I wish there were three of me to get done everything that I need to do, and would like to do in the course of an average day.

    I am looking forward to the cooler, crisp days of fall and the colors changing on the trees. We are seeing the first tinges of yellows and reds start to appear. Well, I should close for now. Had some super strong black coffee as a special treat after supper tonight and surprise surprise! Haven’t been able to sleep. The ol’ eye lids are starting to droop though so I had better get what little sleep I can before tomorrow’s busy day. Will try to be more faithful to come back and post! Unfortunately Facebook has taken up my on-line socialization time much to the neglect of poor ol’ Xanga. If you wish to get better, more frequent updates about what we are up to in our lives you need to join facebook! :D

    Xanga is still my favorite though so I will be back. The novelty of facebook will wear off soon I’m sure, but the convenience factor will always be a draw.