November 19, 2009

  • Wise Traditions, 2009: Radical Medicine, Dr. Louisa Williams

    As some of you know Steve generously paid for myself and a few others to attend the Weston A. Price Foundation Conference in Schaumburg IL.  We learned a LOT and are incredibly grateful to have attended. Going to post PDF and personal notes from the different speakers on facebook and this blog over the next few days.

    Wise Traditions, 2009: Radical Medicine, Dr. Louisa Williams

    Word of caution: Although her information is excellent and I trust the results she is getting she covered some very “weird” therapies at the end of her session. Definitely outside of my comfort zone and I suspect a lot of my readers as well. It is however educational and fascinating. 

    EXCELLENT references to specific studies in this to facilitate personal research. 

    Personal favorite part: Middle Bottom there is a bolded section that says “Five Day Post Mercury Filling Removal” Highly recommend that as a good protocol to use post filling removal/replacement.

    Please post any comments, questions or discussion points in the notes! =) She verbally covered some ground that the PDF notes do not so if there are any questions one of us that was there listening might remember something to clarify/fill in blanks with.

    <b>Wise Traditions, 2009: Radical Medicine, Dr. Louisa Williams</b>

    <i><b>Wise Traditions 2009: Honoring the Sacred Foods
    Radical Medicine
    Dr. Louisa Williams</b></i>

    Radical Medicine = true Holistic Medicine
    1. Radical defined:

    A. “Extreme, revolutionary, anti-establishment, not average…”

    B. Pertaining to that which “goes to the roots or origin…”

    C. “Having a fundamental or far-reaching effect…” “Extreme, revolutionary, anti-establishment, not average…”

    2. Eating organically and according to the wise traditions of our foremothers, and avoiding drugs and surgery, is unlike the average American and – radical!

    A. Organic food dramatically protects children from toxic pesticides/ a “significant plunge” (Emory University study, 2005, Environmental Health Perspectives)

    B. Allopathic = The form of medicine taught to MDs and DOs that uses treatments antagonistic and suppressive to disease symptoms (anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, etc.), or through surgical removal (append-ectomy, hyster-ectomy, etc.) (Pasteur – 1800s)

    C. The majority of Americans take prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.

    3. The leading cause of death in America is allopathic medicine:

    A. “at least the 3rd leading killer” (Starfield, B., JAMA, Vol. 284, #4), (only included hospital deaths)

    B. Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s) – 4th to 6th leading cause of death over the last 30 years (1966-1996), (Lazourou, J., et al. JAMA, Vol. 279, #15, 1998) – (this study only included hospital deaths, and also only ADR’s from correctly prescribed medications – no ADR’s from medical errors tabulated)

    C. “Death by Medicine,” Gary Null, PhD, et al. Allopathic medicine the leading cause of death in America when inpatient and outpatient deaths are included.
    Pertaining to that which “goes to the roots or origin…”

    4. Latin root of radical = radix = root, Must diagnose the root cause of disease

    A. Diagnosis – dia-: “to see through,” -gnosis: in order to arrive at a “superior level of knowledge or understanding”

    B. Alzheimer’s Disease – “Mercury is a primary causative factor in Alzheimer’s.” Boyd Haley, PhD, University of Kentucky (Leong et al., University of Calgary, NeuroReports, 2001, 12, ((4)), 733-737.)

    C. Breast Cancer – 20 parabens, widely used preservatives in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, were identified in breast tumors, and 18 out of the 20 identified originated from cosmetics. (Darbre, P., et al. J. Appl. Toxic., 2004, Jan.-Feb., 24 (1).)
    BIG LIST: EWG-Skin Deep (
    CLEAN AND PERFORMS WELL: Best Bet’s List (

    D. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – Avoid and challenge gluten foods: wheat, spelt, triticale, kamut, oats, rye, barley – and teff and corn (very little gluten), and rarely buckwheat and millet (contain prolamine similar to gliadin). (Oats contain gluten-like avenin and may be tolerated.)
    Diagnosis: Elimination-Challenge test (the “gold standard”)
    Treatment: Removal of wheat/gluten foods; Gastric Comfort (; probiotics (
    Having a “fundamental, thorough, and far-reaching effect…”

    5. Through Effective Treatments; 3 Major Areas of Healing
    PHYSICAL: Remove the “Obstacles to Cure:” mercury amalgam fillings, toxic petrochemicals in cosmetics and soaps, dental foci, major food allergy, dental wires/bridges that cross the midline, etc.). Detoxify, Repair/Regenerate: WAP diet, treat malocclusions/TMD, spinal/cranial manipulation, massage, exercise…”Support the terrain” (Bernard, Bechamp) – vs fighting the bug (Pasteur): eg, H Pylori protects children from asthma: gut flora balance, etc.
    PSYCHOLOGICAL: Quality psychotherapy and psychospiritual work
    ENERGETIC: Clear Dominant Foci and Scar Interference Fields (neural therapy from Germany, Auriculotherapy from France), Constitutional Homeopathy according to Sankaran from India.

    <b>What is Radical Medicine?</b>

    1. Out of the ordinary, anti-establishment, and not “average…”

    2. Diagnosis – What is the root – the core – cause(s) of the problem?

    3. Treatment – What is the most effective treatment(s)? – Physical, Psychological, Energetic


    “You Must Remove the Obstacles to Cure” Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

    1. Mercury then and mercury now: Profitable for pharmaceutical companies

    A. Calomel ointment – 1700s-1900s (treated syphilis mainly)

    B. Mercury amalgam fillings – 1800s to present

    C. Thimerosal in vaccines – 1900s to present
    Mercury Thimerosal in Vaccines
    Thimerosal in vaccines – Eli Lilly repackaged Merthiolate as a preservative in vaccines (although it was “unsatisfactory” for animals)
    1999 – FDA “requested” the removal of thimerosal
    1999 – American Academy of Pediatrics: although “the current levels of thimerosal in vaccines will not hurt children” this preservative will be phased out of children’s vaccines… (Tucker, M. Pediatric News, Vol. 8, #33, 1999)

    Researcher, Mark Geier, is a doctor with a PhD in genetics and a court-certified expert on vaccines. He has determined through numerous studies that Thimerosal is to blame and has this to say, “the current epidemic of autism may well be the greatest iatrogenic epidemic in history. The damage already done to our society is already in the trillions of dollars. The damage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that of the AIDS epidemic pale when compared to the current epidemic of autism.”

    Geier Study: Children receiving thimerosal were over 10 times more likely to have
    autism: the children who received no thimerosal had no autism. (Pringle,
    E.,, 9/2/05)

    Evidence of Harm by David Kirby – Thimerosal statistics diluted and skewed.
    Thimerosal still in most flu vaccines; and in some tetanus, DT, DPT, Hep
    A, Hep B, meninogococcal, pneumococcal, rabies (
    Hep B causes brain damage in newborn monkeys. (Neurotoxicology, Hep B triples the risk of newborn boys developing ASD (Gallagher, C. & Goodman, M. Annals of Epidemiology, Sept. 09)

    After just a 3-hour exposure, thimerosal causes cell membrane damage and death with only “very tiny” amounts. (Neurotoxicology, Jan, 2005. Koster, J. Health and Healing Wisdom, Vol. 29, Spring 2005, p. 19.)

    Aluminum compounds greatly increased now in vaccines: depletes minerals, targets myelin tissue (Petrik, Shaw, et al study of Gulf War illness: the first study in 80 years of aluminum use to examine the long-term effects of aluminum), signs/symptoms of aluminum poisoning: constipation, fatigue, numbness, paralysis, fatty liver, seizures, kidney degeneration, osteomalacia, etc.) Gay Langham-McNally, BS, CCN Reno, NV

    Effective?: There has never been a scientific study (double-blind, controlled) proving the efficacy of vaccines. (Null, G., Germs, Biological Warfare, Vaccinations, NY: Seven Stories Press, 2003, pp. 145-146.)

    Measles death rate steeply declined – 98% – between 1915 and 1958.
    Polio death rate declined: 47% (US) and 55% (England) between 1923 and 1953.
    After polio vaccines were introduced the incidence of polio actually increased in many states. (International Mortality Statistics, 1981, and

    Therefore, “THINK TWICE” before vaccinating:,,

    Mercury Amalgam “Silver Fillings”
    Contains: Mercury – 49-54%; Silver ~ 35%; Tin ~12%; Copper ~ 3% (“copper amalgam” is 66% mercury and 33% copper highly unstable/
    toxic, releases 50x more mercury; CE approval from EU ); Zinc ~ 1%.

    “The Damage Done…” from Mercury Amalgams:
    Degenerative changes in brain within days (Stoertebecker, Sweden)
    Erethism = mental/emotional instability, “mad as a hatter,” (1700s)
    Mercury binds to sulfur-containing enzymes described as “cellular suffocation” (Jaffe, Russell, AABD) White blood cells rupture – “shadow cells” – causing chronic allergic
    and immune reactions (Kupsinel, J Orthomol. Psychiatry, 1984)
    Kidney and lung damage seen within months (Ibid)
    Dental Galvanism: “A physicochemical phenomenon when 2 or more
    dissimilar metals used to restore or replace missing teeth produce the flow of an electric current…” (Dorland’s Dictionary)

    Causes the rate of mercury corrosion to increase 10 to 20 times; “astronomical amounts” released (eg, 1200 ppm when 20 ppm is high)
    (Pleva, J. J. Orthomolecular Medicine, Vol, 4, #3, 1989)

    Mercury vapor escaping from a 50-year old amalgam filling (google “smoking tooth” or go to

    Fish a “distant second” – 2.34 mcg/day from fish versus 3 to 17 mcg/day from mercury amalgams (WHO). Refer to the Seafood Watch site to determine the most non-toxic fish at the
    Holistic (Biological) Dental Organizations:
    IABDM (
    IAOMT (
    HAD ( [DAMS (]
    Holistic DDS:
    Uses clean materials (; does not readily prescribe root canals; and proceeds carefully from:
    a filling>to a larger filling>to an inlay>to an onlay>and then, finally, a crown.
    Removes by quadrant: 1 quadrant at a time, pick highest galvanic area first.

    <i><b>“The 5 Dental Days Protocol:”</b></i>
    Based on a 1991 Swedish study: fecal excretion is 5 X higher; and the fecal excretion of mercury “enormous” the 3rd day (400 mcg in a 24 hour period) (= good day to get a colonic.) (Malmstroem, C.,ISTERH,Stockholm, 1992)

    Don’t get constipated! (80% mercury excretion thru colon)

    Karach’s Oil Pulling (sesame or coconut oil)

    Double the dose of supplements and gemmotherapy/PSCs

    Redose your homeopathic constitutional remedy

    3 Major Detoxification Remedies (vaccines and amalgams):
    Gemmotherapy/Plant Stem Cells (PSCs)
    Organic Sulfur
    Original Quinton Marine Plasma

    PSC/Gemmotherapy Herbal Remedies:
    Forza Vitale-Italy (, (631) 477-6696
    Herbal Base-Belgium (, (877) 417-6298

    PSC remedies are made from the embryonic plant parts (seeds, buds, rootlets) of young plants. Unlike herbs from mature plants –PSC remedies are non-toxic, highly potent (eg, 3 drops versus 20 to 40 or more drops of adult herbs per dose), essential for detoxification, and regenerative (meristem cells located in the plant’s buds & roots are capable of continued cellular division). 

    PSCs that Detoxify Heavy Metals: Black Poplar – major remedy (“polycrest”)
    Mountain Pine – detoxes heavy metals and joint pain
    White Willow – detoxes heavy metals and anti-inflammatoryEuropean
    Alder – detoxes heavy metals, memory loss (tonsil focus), and detoxifies gut (food allergies, dysbiosis, etc.)

    Organic Sulfur:
    Patrick McGean at, (801) 290-2013
    “The forgotten essential element” – Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD
    3rd most abundant mineral in our bodies (1st: Ca, 2nd: Phos)

    Yet no RDA like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc.
    US Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board’s stance is that we get enough sulfur from proteins – cysteine and methionine. (Only small amounts of sulfur come from non-protein foods – garlic, onions, etc.) However, chemical fertilizers since the 1950s have greatly depleted the sulfur in our food chain. Organic Sulfur –no additives and not pulverized, therefore the crystal matrix remains intact (may need extra Calcium/Magnesium)

    Quinton Marine Plasma:
    This potent marine plasma (seawater) was discovered and harvested from oceanic plankton blooms in 1897. Plankton blooms are hundreds of miles wide, and contain more green phytoplankton than all the trees, shrubs, and grasses on land combined. These blooms act as a purification factory – inside the seawater is pristine (mercury levels tested lower than the lowest detectable limit). “There is a physiological similarity between marine plasma [seawater harvested in these plankton blooms] and blood plasma [the colorless fluid aspect of blood.” Rene Quinton (1866-1925)

    Quinton contains 92 basic elements and all the trace elements. Minerals are essential for production of enzymes, hormones, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, teeth, and blood...every aspect of metabolism. Quinton supplies a natural synergistic support for normalizing the blood, tissues, and cells.

    Order from or call them at (888) 278-4686
    Isotonic – often begin with this dose (= blood plasma)
    Hypertonic – stronger, healthier, athlete (= seawater)

    Remove/Treat Toxic Chemicals

    Sadly ubiquitous: EWG study, Body Burden, 2002 – 9 healthy subjects tested for 210 chemicals. Found 91 industrial toxic compounds in every subject, 167 chemicals overall found. Of these 76 linked to cancer, 94 neurotoxic, 86 hormonal disruptors, 79 associated with birth defects or abnormal development.

    EWG study, Body Burden 2, 2005 – the cord blood of the average baby at birth contains at least 200 chemicals (placenta does not shield the fetus). 287 chemicals studied: 180 linked to cancer, 217 neurotoxic, 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development.

    Control what you can control:
    Air in home: Don’t buy toxic furniture, bedding, etc. (
    House Plants: Natural air purifiers (
    Air Filter: (
    Water Filter: Reverse Osmosis ( and Violiv glass bottles (
    Food: Buy organic as much as possible (Emory University study, 2005, Environmental Health Perspectives.
    Removal of Toxic Cosmetics, Soaps
    Soaps, detergents, etc. – only buy at the health food store
    Cosmetics, shampoo, lotions: health food store or mail order
    EWG list : Skin Deep (www.cosmeticsdata
    Best Bet’s List: Clean and performs well (
    Juniper PSC – detoxifies petrochemicals and major liver and kidney drainage
    Rye PSC – detoxifies aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. – the squalene in rye detoxifies xenobiotics) and a major liver drainage remedy

    Clear “Foci:”
    Foci Defined: A dominant focus is a relatively silent and asymptomatic localized area of nerve irritation and/or infection, which typically causes intermittent pain or dysfunction in other seemingly unrelated areas in the body (disturbed field).
    Most Common Foci in the Body: Dental, Tonsil, Sinus, Genital and Scars

    Holistic Physicians: Must understand that 70-90% of health problems arise in the teeth and tonsils (German neural therapists)

    Dental Foci: root canal teeth, dental implants, devitalized (dead) teeth, abscessed teeth, incomplete extractions, impacted teeth (eg, wisdom teeth)

    A focus is often silent – but its “disturbed fields” are not. The disturbed field is almost always ipsilateral to the focus = good diagnostic clue.
    “all pulpless teeth {root canal or devitalized/dead teeth], root filled or not, harbor so much danger of becoming infected that they should be extracted, though the time as to when they should be extracted will depend on several contributing factors…If the patient [has] a low defense, then [extraction] better be soon, but if the patient [has] a very high defense…I would advise to retain some of those root filled teeth.” Dr. Weston A. Price, 1926

    Diagnosis: Energetic testing extremely valuable, x-rays for dental foci valuable, and a thorough history/anamnesis is sine qua non (“When?” Is the most important question to ask).

    Tonsil foci: Have 5 typical “rheumatic” disturbed fields: Joints (rheumatoid arthritis), Heart (rheumatic fever), Kidneys (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis), Stomach/gut (gastric and peptic ulcers), Brain (chorea/PANDAS)

    PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infection = chorea/Tourette’s (vocal, motor tics and OCD)

    Scar Interference Fields: Abnormal nerve fiber healing from a scar = ephapse vs synapse (Chronic Pain. Hooshang Hooshmand)

    Scar treatment: Neural therapy from Germany and Auriculotherapy from France

    Home treatment for an old** scar: Shea Butter (
    Notatum 4x or Kombo 4x drops (
    Massage the scar 1 time a day for 3 weeks. (** Do not interrupt the healing of new scars.) Treat all the scars on your body (umbilicus too). Allow any emotions to arise during this process = “psychogalvanic reflex.”

    Malocclusions (bad bites)
    Williams, L. Treating malocclusions, Wise Traditions, Fall 2009, Volume 10, #3, pp. 18-26.


    Constitutional Homeopathy according to Sankaran
    Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) founded homeopathy in 1789
    (First vaccine 1796, Edward Jenner inoculated with live cowpox = smallpox in cows)
    Earlier Hippocrates (460-373 BC) and Paracelsus (1493-1541) had also recognized that “like cures like” and the principle of using small amounts (minimum dose)

    <b>Homeopathic Principles:</b>

    The Law of Similars: “Like Cures Like.” For example, the remedy Allium cepa (red onion) can treat hay fever symptoms (watery discharge from eyes and nose), and Apis mellifica (honey-bee venom) can treat allergic skin conditions (itching, burning, stinging, swelling = all symptoms similar to a bee sting)

    <b>The Law of Minimum Dose:</b> The smaller the dose, the more potent (Arndt-Schulz Law). For example, a 200C potency is stronger than a 6C potency.
    The Law of Potentization: Potentizing is the process of diluting and then succussing the remedy. (Succussion is striking the homeopathic vial with an up and down motion against the opposite palm – Hahnemann found would liberate “the internal, spirit-like medicinal powers” of the remedy and render it more potent.)

    <b>The Law of Proving: Administer</b> small doses of a remedy to a healthy volunteer, and then record the symptoms that arise over the next few days/weeks/months. Hahnemann painstakingly detailed the exact methodology required to conduct a proving, which actually fits the highest standard of scientific inquiry (placebo-controlled, double-blind).

    <b>The Law of Cure: </b>Dr. Constantine Hering (1800-1880) proposed this principle.
    “Cure proceeds from above downward, from inside out, and in the reverse order of the appearance of symptoms.”

    Homeopathic History in the US:
    AMA founded in the mid-1800s to 1) Improve the standards of medical
    education, and 2) to eliminate homeopathy.
    Flexner Report 1910: Final death knell of homeopathy in America. Funded primarily by Rockefeller and Carnegie. (Although Rockefeller only received homeopathic care throughout his long life – he died at 97.)
    1900 – 22 homeopathic colleges
    1923 – 2 homeopathic colleges
    1950 – 0 homeopathic colleges
    (Presently only naturopathic physicians are trained in naturopathic medical schools in homeopathy.)

    Scientific Research: The Emerging Science of Homeopathy by Bellavite & Signorini, 2002.
    London hospital: 82% improvement in muscle/joint pain (as compared to control group – 21%)
    British Medical Journal: Reviewed 107 homeopathic trials and found 81% positive results (CVD, GI, hay fever, pain/trauma, psychological syndromes…)

    Homeopathic medicines as effective and safer than Prozac at treating moderate to severe depression. (Oxford University Press, July 09, double-blind, randomized trial)

    Homeopathic Family Medicine: Evidence-Based Nanopharmacology, Dana Ullman (200+ clinical trials reviewed)
     Nanotechnology – using subatomic particles in science and medicine

    Quantum physics now = the energy medicine of homeopathy: Hahnemann believed that at its depth, disease was not a physical phenomenon, but arises from a disturbed vital force. Further, disease can be arrested and cured through the nanopharmacology of homeopathic remedies.

    <b>Homeopathic Use in Epidemics:</b> Genus Epidemicus Remedies
    The 1849 cholera epidemic in Cincinatti: only 3% of homeopathic patients died (35 out of 1116), compared to up to 70% of allopathic patients.

    The great flu epidemic of 1918 – Although homeopathy was in decline due to the Flexner Report, 80% of those treated with homeopathy (e.g., Gelsimium, Eupatorium, Baptisia, Crotalus horridus, etc.) lived, while 80% of those treated with allopathy (prescription and over the counter drugs) died. (Naumann, E., Homeopathy for Epidemics, pp. 31-32)

    See for my flu recommendations.

    Acute vs Constitutional Homeopathic Prescribing:

    Acute: A remedy prescribed for a short period of time for a specific symptom or illness. For example, remedies prescribed for the flu (eg, Gelsimium), for bruising and trauma (eg, Arnica), for fever (eg, Belladonna), etc.

    Constitutional: A remedy prescribed for a patients’ overall mental, emotional, and physical disturbances for their entire life.

    Acute homeopathy has been clearly successful.

    Constitutional homeopathy has not – until the new Sankaran System in 2003.

    <b>The New Sankaran System of Constitutional Homeopathy:</b>
    Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues in Mumbai, India began teaching a new system in the early 1990s:
    1. That remedies could be classified according to their kingdom – plant, mineral, or animal

    2. That the sensation – the deepest feeling sense of the patient, even beyond the mind and emotions – can most accurately identify the patient’s constitutional remedy.

    3. And that it is only through the patient’s chief complaint that this deepest sensation level, and thus the homeopathic remedy, can be determined.

    A plant remedy is very sensitive and reactive to their environment.

    An animal remedy has issues surrounding survival and feeling like a victim (prey) or aggressor (predator).

    A mineral remedy has a chronic underlying sense of the need for structure and feels the incompleteness or lack of this structure.

    For example, a lion is a beautiful and majestic animal. However, the “song” of a lion is not harmonious in a human being, and creates dissonance and stress in this individual’s life when s/he behaves at times like this aggressive animal.

    The Other Song: Discovering Your Parallel Self
    “The correct plant, animal, or mineral remedy can dilute this non-human song until it ultimately fades and ceases to exist, and only the human melody is heard. This is the job of the homeopathic remedy.”
    Dr. Rajan Sankaran
    The Sensation in Homeoopathy
    For more information:
    Go to and click on “Homeopathy”
    Read Sankaran’s book, The Other Song: Discovering Your Parallel Self
    Summary: Radical Medicine goes to the roots of disease (diagnosis) and uses effective methods (treatment) to attain optimal health. It’s the terrain (immune system) – not the bug (bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.). (Bernard & Bechamp, 1800s)

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